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Smart Door Locks

When your security catches up with the technology in your home, everyone wins. Well, everyone but thieves wins. We’ve enjoyed covering the myriad new examples of smart home technology that grant convenience, safety, connectivity, and peace of mind to homeowners, but none have felt as essential and life-changing as these new smart locks.

First of all, the biggest and most obvious improvement smart technology brings to door locks is the ability to go keyless. While we’ve had keypads for years, this is different. Many of these models allow you to program specific “users” that can be recognized by key code, smartphone app, or even biometric fingerprint scan.

This means that your locks can now be programmed to allow specific people in the home and keep out everyone else. Even better, many of these devices allow for complex programming. Now you can allow, for example, a housekeeper in the mornings, and a babysitter at night, with access, denied at any other times.


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